• Meet our improvement to the Standard module - Standard 2!

    This product can be connected to any electric lock or motor to allow you to have all your keys in the BLE Locking mobile app. In addition to remote controls, your electric gate or garage door can now be opened with your phone.

    As an extra feature, the Standard 2 allows you to connect one Wiegand based card reader with a PIN pad. That allows entrance to those who don't have access to a mobile phone .

    Doesn't matter whether it's for your home or office, sharing keys to family, friends or colleagues is now easier than ever!


    Best features of the BLE Locking mobile app:

    • Key-sharing made quick and easy.
    • Scan an NFC tag to open your doors.
    • No need for internet access - doors can be unlocked underground.



    Small: ⌀=5cm

    Light: 50g

    Power supply: 12 VDC

    BLE Locking Standard 2

    SKU: L-STD-2