• Meet our new product for professional use - the PRO module. This brilliant device can be used for access control in places where the doors and locks require higher security, with the comfort of having all your keys in your phone, in one mobile app.

    The PRO module enables the use of Wiegand based card readers and/or PIN pads. When connecting them via Wi-Fi or LAN, PIN codes and RFID card numbers can be sent to the module, which can be used to open doors locally, without a mobile phone, in addition to digital keys. This option is good for people who do not have access to smartphones, such as children or the elderly.
    Our PRO module also enables basic security devices, like the motion sensor, smoke detector and door sensor, to be connected. With that, you are able to choose the users who shall receive the alarm notifications to their mobile phones.

    In addition, the PRO module can be expanded via 1-wire and RS485 BLE Locking relay modules.

    With all the functionalities that the PRO has to offer, it can be used in professional access and security systems by connecting them via Wiegand. That way it is possible to convert an RFID card into a virtual RFID in the existing system, which can be used as a digital key without using a physical card.


    Examples of use:
    Premises that require passage and security, self-service storages, infrastructure cabinets, locker systems, etc.

    In the app you may:

    • Open all your entranceways at a click of a button.
    • Share a key with anyone that needs access.
    • Set PIN codes and RFID codes.


    Get the comfort of having all your keys in your phone!



    Operating temperature: -40ºC to 75ºC

    Weight: 340g

    BLE Locking PRO (DIN rail)

    SKU: L-PRO-1.1