Digitizing your doors just got easier with the BLE Locking Handle!

By replacing your current door handle, you are able to use the BLE Locking mobile app as a digital key! The Handle won't work unless you have activated the key in the app, which means that only you, or another person who you've shared the key to, have access. From the inside, the Handle works as any other. Its battery lasts 2+ years and the mobile app notifies you when it's time to change it.

Best features of the BLE Locking mobile app:

  • Key-sharing made quick and easy.
  • Scan an NFC tag to open your doors.
  • No need for internet access - doors can be unlocked underground.


Get the comfort of having all your keys in your phone!



Replaces any door handle

Power supply: CR2 lithium battery

Material: Stainless steel

BLE Locking Handle