The Future of Digital Keys

14th February 2022

A few years ago, when we started to build the company, everything seemed challenging and complicated. We had a mission to bring digital keys to people – keys that would work with all kinds of locks from different manufacturers.

We first learned that there was no way to use and distribute digital keys, because we had no access to digital locks and access systems. No one wants to give access to their software, hardware, trademarks, or patents – everyone is working on their closed islands. It was a big boys’ playground, and a small Estonian start-up was not welcome.

We started from the bottom to establish how these digital locks would work. We hired a team of hardware enthusiasts and started to build our modules. These could be integrated with any lock in the world - we proved that our mission is deliverable.

Our learning curve was to establish a secure and stable dialogue between digital keys in a mobile phone and a digital lock. A big amount of research and development was needed to stabilize the exchange of keys between the locks and the app in the mobile phones.

Learning is always interesting, but it takes a lot of resources, time, and investors’ money.

After creating our first module, the BLE Locking Standard, we found out that there’s also a need for other products, such as cylinders, padlocks, and handles, which would give the customers easier and wider options for digitizing their home or office. This product range is a showcase for how everything related to digital keys can seamlessly work together even though the device manufacturers are different. People buying the locks from different manufacturers can now share the keys and access permissions with each other in a breeze. It felt great to be first to prove and deliver such a system, despite the fact that we compete with giants who produce and sell millions of locks every year.

We are launching our second live iteration. We have an understanding about the business, customer expectations and the market needs. We are ready to help our customers.

We are ready to provide fully functioning electronics that can be manufactured and integrated to your existing platforms and solutions. For lock manufacturers, we provide not only the app, but sample electronics that the manufacturers can easily include into their products. Our API enables to integrate our digital key platform into your existing platforms or gives a possibility to build your own app and solution.

If needed, we can provide an app as a white-label solution for a quick go-to market under your own brand.

BLE Locking’s digital keys use Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) certified servers and technologies for key generation. Among our customers are corporate financial institutions, companies that are in the rental apartment business and commodity companies.

Contact us and let’s make a trial to see how we can fast-forward your existing products to the digital keys’ era.

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