Let us tell you about BLE Locking

During our years of operation, our mission has stayed the same - all keys in your phone with bank-level security. Today, over 1500 customers enjoy the comfort of digital keys and we have created partnerships with several resellers in Europe.

The concept of our products is simple – connect them to your locks and be prepared to say goodbye to your physical keys! All your digital keys are held securely in the BLE Locking app and whenever your family, friends or colleagues need to access your door or gate, just share a key for them to use.

The first product that we started with was the BLE Locking Standard module which you can connect to your gate, garage door or any other door with an electric lock or door strike. Now we have launched Standard 2 that will be followed by the Euro cylinder and PRO module in the end of this month. Make sure to follow our journey as we continue posting in the coming weeks.