Secure access
to your home with digital keys

digital keys for
3 months!

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The BLE Locking Standard module with the BLE Locking app – your path to digital keys


Our solution works with
all electric locks, garage doors and gate systems.


Benefits of our digital
locking solution

No monthly fees

One app for all your keys

No need for internet

No limit to keys

Easy installation

Works with any electric lock

Usage tracking

No limit to locks

What people say


Anna Avila

I’m living in an apartment building where they’ve installed this BLE Locking module to the front door. Super convenient to open the door using the app and no need for the key anymore - awesome bonus since i’m the type of person who always forgets to bring the keys with me.


Harald Nielsen

I have been using the BLE Locking module for about 6 months. Really simple to use and all my family and friends have now instant access to my yard if needed. Installation took about 15 minutes and the module worked like a charm even with -25 degrees outside. I highly recommend this device!


Mark Kaiser

I had just lost the remote control for my garage when I stumbled across this product online. Since I always carry my phone with me, I decided to give it a try. I called an electrician, who installed it super fast and I’ve never had a problem with it.


Get the comfort of having all your keys in your smartphone


Free keys
for 3 months

The module costs €149 and comes with a set of 5 keys, after which the cost of every next key starts from €1. Buy now and for the next 3 months, you may generate as many keys as you wish.

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