Our mission
All your keys in your mobile, with bank-level security.

The story of BLE Locking begins in 2018, when its co-founders, Priit Vimberg and Artūrs Pumpurs, joined forces. 
With Priit’s background in building smart home and office solutions and Artūrs' in building solutions for car tracking and gate control, they were determined to come up with one that would disrupt the concept of digital access management.
After some brainstorming, the idea was clear – physical keys made digital, all controlled comfortably from a smartphone. Development started in 2019 and in the beginning of 2020, our first product, the BLE Locking Standard module, was introduced. During the year, our team grew, along with distributors and resellers. 

In 2021, we keep on growing and are in the process of developing new products.

Join us on our journey in making all keys digital